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Cybertron Prime - The Transformers Nexus [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Cybertron Prime - The Transformers Nexus

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Meanwhile, on the Junk Planet (not that anybody cares about the Junk Planet) [Jul. 19th, 2007|12:14 pm]
Cybertron Prime - The Transformers Nexus
A nondescript Junkion warrior (well, Wreck-Gar, but they're all pretty much nondescript junk-bots anyway) is foraging through ancient piles of technological trash, alternating between muttering nonsensically to himself and humming an old Stan Bush tune that he last heard while watching "Boogie Nights."  Catching a glimpse of something he wants, he digs faster, eventually pulling the small, cube-like object from the surrounding garbage.  "Fra-gee-lay," he says in a familiar voice, examining his prize.  "It must be Italian!  It's a Major Award!"

He examines it and, overjoyed with his find, tosses it up in the air.  His body shifts to vehicle mode, and the cube lands on the seat of his motorcycle form, unharmed.  He peels out and speeds back home.

Once home, he shifts back into humanoid form and climbs a rickety lattice of improvised junk-scaffolding that supports an enormous wall of similar cubes (561,492 of them, to be precise).  Placing it just so on the top of the pyramid, and quickly wiring up a power conduit and data input, he leaps back off the scaffolding and runs around to view his masterpiece.  "My god," he burbles, "it's full of STARS!"  The junk-bot is beside himself with joy, and eagerly rubs his hands together.

Wreck-Gar has created a Great Wall of Televisions that stands close to a mile high and at least two miles long.  It's taken him quite a while, but he needed something to do after Unicron was defeated; and television gave him his purpose--because, as he learned from Earth transmissions, the only thing better than a TV is a BIGGER TV.

Wreck-Gar pulls out a customized remote control and aims it at the Wall O' TV's.  "Iiiiit's SHOWTIME!"  He clicks the "Power" button.

The Wall crackles to life, displaying 561,492 different channels.  For about three seconds.  And then it blows up.  The concussive force of the massive electrical explosion propels Wreck-Gar completely off the surface of the Junk Planet and out into space.  "Bang, zoom, to the moooooooooon!..." he screams, still clutching his remote.

A nearby space-time anomaly opens up and sucks him in, transporting the Junkion warrior into Cybertron Prime's low orbit.  Eventually he lands on the surface, his parts flying everywhere.

"Well, here's a another fine mess you've gotten us into," his head grumbles to itself.  Self-repair or not, this is gonna take a while.
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Shooting star over Polyhex [Mar. 3rd, 2007|12:22 pm]
Cybertron Prime - The Transformers Nexus
"...Ow." Ratchet rolled onto his side, watched familiar moons rising above the lip of the crater. "Well... at least I'm home, I think."

It had been a few Earth-years that he'd been out of circulation, but he'd bought his pass back home - purging a lot of excess baggage along the way. Unfortunately, his method of travel had made the space bridge look safe and secure. Planetfall was exactly as painful as he remembered it. Well, not he, per se... while the viscous black taint of being merged with Megatron had passed, his spark fresh with Primus's pure warm light--the memories sometimes lingered. He'd lived more lives, he figured, than anyone save Prime.

Sitting up was a good first step - easier said than done, but he propped himself against a shredded girder and began running self-diagnostic. Power reserves at forty percent, some stripped rotors, and more than his fair share of cosmetic damage, but he wouldn't be going into stasis lock any time soon, so thank the maker for small miracles. Next: Did the others make it? He'd have to get to his feet and out of the crater to find out. But the sounds outside weren't what he remembered as friendly...
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Servant of Primus [Aug. 29th, 2006|01:32 pm]
Cybertron Prime - The Transformers Nexus

((Well, you did say anybody with a TF character... and I'm finding out that I have to be more aggressive getting my character out there so people know I'm alive... commenting occasionally in the Nexus isn't helping much.  So, um, hi.  *waves semi-shyly*))

From out of the metallic plains beyond the city (odd... nothing out there is very interesting; what was she doing there?) comes a Cybertronian, a fem from the looks of it, of average height and build for her kind.  She carries herself gracefully, with an air of cool wisdom, but still manages to seem approachable, without conceit.  This Transformer's plating is decidedly decorative, rather than militaristic: she's a pristine, creamy white, with scrollwork and detailing of gold and turquoise.  It's functional as protection against the occasional stray shot, but looks useless in a direct attack.  You might notice that she has no faction insignias whatsoever.  Her optics are a deep blue, deeper than an average Autobot's, and seem to be lit with an inner fire as deep as the planet's core.  It would appear that her alt-mode is some sort of hover car.  ((She's G1-based.  Gots a picture in her profile ))

She doesn't speak, unsure if anyone is around to hear her, anyway.  After a few moments of standing quietly, she dims her optics and murmurs to the ground.  She is... praying.

"Lord Primus, send me where you will, and send whomever you will to me.  It is your power that brought me here, to minister to your people.  Give me your insight,  that I may offer your wisdom to those who need solace, a reminder that you are here, watching, and loving."

She spends several minutes more in this posture, before the glow returns to her optics, and she glances around inquisitively.
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And I thought NYC traffic was bad... [Apr. 23rd, 2006|01:15 am]
Cybertron Prime - The Transformers Nexus

[mood |stressedstressed]
[music |screeching tires]

--hit, Tracks! LOOK OUT!!

*A blue Corvette spins out of a ground-level gate, already trying to regain its course. Tires squealing, the two passengers within hang on as if their lives depend on it, until the car straightens out and comes to a stop. All three remain still for a moment, then the young man in the driver's seat lets out a loud breath and leans out the open window.*

["Driver"] Tracks, where...are we? This ain't downtown Manhattan no more.

*The doors open and both humans take the cue to scramble out. Both are in their late twenties. The young man is wearing jeans, an orange teeshirt, and brown boots. The young woman wears stonewash jeans, a dark pink tank top, a cut-off sweatshirt, and white hightops. They stare around in amazement as the car transforms.*

[Tracks] Raoul, Talia...I believe we are on Cybertron.

[Raoul] What?! How the heck did we get here?!

[Talia] And what was that thing we drove through?

[Tracks] I think one question answers the other, although I am not sure what caused that thing to appear to begin with...or why here, of all places.
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This cannot end well. [Apr. 10th, 2006|07:04 pm]
Cybertron Prime - The Transformers Nexus

[mood |lonelylonely]

*With all the people willing to fuss over Roddy-chan, it's a bit of a conundrum how he managed to wander all the way out here all by his lonesome. The crystal held tightly in his fist might have had something to do with it, but for now at least Roddy hardly seems aware of his presence. He's looking around with big, huge chibi-optics of cuteness. This is Not His Place, and none of His People are anywhere about, and the whole situation is just so scary.*

*Thus, Roddy sits down and does what chibis do when in distress.*

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... cause we got a big Black Convoy, rockin through the night... [Mar. 27th, 2006|03:55 am]
Cybertron Prime - The Transformers Nexus
*Scourge rumbles through one of the more... desolate areas of Cybertron Prime's incarnation of Iacon, in vehicle mode. He stops, transforming into robot mode, his trailer converting into assault mode behind him. Scourge gets up, and walks over to it, opening one of its access ports and inserting a device*

Let's see if the information I took from that golden jet was accurate.

*the communications device in his assault platform, sends out a message on a Decepticon frequency. A frequency, where the message claims to be coming from someone named Megatron.*

*Scourge is trying to draw out Decepticons.*
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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2006|03:41 pm]
Cybertron Prime - The Transformers Nexus
*Pyro emerges from a stable portal on the outskirts of Iacon. He's been here before, but it was a while ago, and he spent a moment looking over the changes before speaking.*

Anyone else think an official Bar of Cybertron is a good idea?
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((Hope nobody minds stray Predacons...)) [Mar. 3rd, 2006|09:43 am]
Cybertron Prime - The Transformers Nexus

[mood |distresseddistressed]

A small, nondescript, and unpowered door in a corner of an alleyway somewhere was pushed open by a clawed hand. Terrorsaur shifted the weight of the box of salvaged scrap metal he was carrying before he stepped through the doorway... and promptly collided with a support beam he didn't expect to be there.

He dropped the box with a startled squawk, the falling metal adding to the noise as it crashed to the ground.

Terrorsaur looked around. "This isn't part of the cave... Where in the pit am I?" As the details of his surroundings started to sink in, the Predacon began to fidget uneasily.

"Oh, slag..."
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((Optimus/Optronix's first appearance! here)) [Feb. 21st, 2006|06:51 pm]
Cybertron Prime - The Transformers Nexus

There he is. Sitting in front of 3 monitors, keying and wading through third party reports and the occasional data on some small "incident" at Kaon.

But other than that, it's all routine to Optimus.

That is, until a few days ago, there has been a lot of noise pollution outside of the Vault... possible a few miles from here. It seems strange, since being near the Forum of Enlightment has always guaranteed peace and quiet, the way this passive but slightly uptight(been that way lately) archivist. But knowing how those rowdy tourist from halfway across Cybertron can occasionally cause a ruckus, He'd let it pass, and work, work, and work as usual...

And then he hears laser blasts being shot here and there.

"By the Source!" He jolted. "... since when were they allowed to bring weapons to this area!?!"

Curious, he initiated system lockdown and ready's the auto-backup in event of some freak accident, like blaster fire hitting one of the data storage units in the Vault, and cautiously walks down. It pays to be careful this days.

"Optimus to security. What the slag is going on out there?"

No response. He tries again, but still no response. Now this is worrying. But against his better judgement, he decides to walk out to the balcony...

And sees not the Forum of Enlightment... or the Iacon he's used to seeing. What he sees in front of him is Cybertron turned into what he thinks is a battleground. He looks at the situation with such bewilderment, not believing what he's seeing.

"...I shouldn't have come out."
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*crossposted from own journal* [Jan. 13th, 2006|01:07 pm]
Cybertron Prime - The Transformers Nexus

*Faster-than-light travel is an interesting thing. If you exceed lightspeed in real space - which Unicron-built astro engines are capable of - it's possible to get to your destination faster than your own image can reach the eye of an observer. The science involved is better not even contemplated by anyone not designed with the necessary processing power; the effect, though, is that, to a stationary observer, one simply materialises out of thin air.

This is what happens high above Cybertron now, as the huge, sleek, violet-black shadow that is the warship Dis suddenly pops out of apparently nowhere, weaves gracefully around a couple of passing small moons and settles itself in orbit as though it has every right to be precisely where it is. If anyone on Cybertron happens to be watching the skies, they're probably about to have hysterics.*

*On the bridge of the Dis, Galvatron stands up from the pilot's console and stares with brooding intensity out of the viewing pane in front of him. His optics narrow and he mutters something under his breath, too quietly for even Cyclonus and Scourge, behind him, to overhear...*
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